Bad Kohlgrub

Bad Kohlgrub  Summer Vacation
Bad Kohlgrub: 850 - 950 meters

Vacation in Bad Kohlgrub

Bad Kohlgrub is a nice holiday village.
Bad Kohlgrub is a nice holiday village, situated close to the Zugspitze in the Ammergauer Alps.

Colorful meadows and picturesque farms dominate the village, which is Germany's highest 'Moorheilbad'.

Mountain Sports
The region around the village is known as an excellent destination if you want to go hiking, cycling or mountain biking.

Other mountain sports are offered at various locations.

Water Sports
Water sports, especially for fishing, is possible throughout the region.

Swimming pools can be found in other villages.

At various places in the region arteorks can be admired, including from Franz Seraph Zwinck, and of course there are other sites in the region, and beyond.

Tourist information office

Haus der Kurgäste 82433 Bad Kohlgrub
Telephone: +49 (0)8822 922 744 0

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