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Vacation in Freistadt

Freistadt is located in the wide valley mouth.
Freistadt is the brewing and culture city in the Mühlviertler Kernland.

The charming town is located in the wide valley mouth, surrounded by the beautiful hills of the Mühlviertel.

A romantic place, with the town square, which is one of the most beautiful historic town squares of Austria.

Within the city walls, the city shows versatile building styles , with many examples the gothic style.

Moreover, the city walls are still clearly visible, with the defenses and the two city gates, but also the alleys, squares and courtyards are enormous attractive spots.

Also if you want to relax on a terrace, this city has a lot to offer.

Mountain Sports
Around Freistadt you can enjoy during wonderful hiking, bike rides or mountain biking.

But for this you do not actually outside the city walls, for there is much potential in and around the city center.

Water Sports
Erlebnisbad Moby Dick, the outdoor swimming pool, offers various attractive facilities.

The old city center and the city walls.
The old city center and the city walls are the biggest attraction in this part of the Mühlviertler Kernland, which you can view under the supervision of a guide.

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Tourist information office

Waaggasse 6 4240 Freistadt
Telephone: +43 (0)942 75700

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