Grünbach am Schneeberg

Grünbach am Schneeberg Summer Vacation 557 meters

Vacation in Grünbach am Schneeberg

Grünbach am Schneeberg lies at the foot of the Hohe Wand
Grünbach am Schneeberg is located in the southern part of Lower Austria, at the foot of the Hohe Wand in a wonderful hiking area.

The Hohe Wand is ideal for mountain climbers, with different climbing routes.

Mountain Sports
A village that is very suitable to go mountain climbing, for example on the Hohe Wand, but also provides several other options, including some very nice hiking trails.

Water Sports
The on solar energy heated swimming pool, is just 5 minutes walk from the center, and includes a children's pool and a springboard.

Worth seeing are the Bergbaumuseum, and the mines that are always accessible, and the parish church in the village.

Winter sports Winter Puchberg

Tourist information office

Sticklergasse 3 2734 Puchberg
Telephone: +43 (0)2636 225611

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