Summer Vacation in the Isère

Known by the various landscapes.
The Isère, with its capital Grenoble, is located in the southeast of France, on both sides of is the river Isère. In the north and east is the Savoie and Haute Alpes, located in the west is the Ardèche.

Best known for the different landscapes, the hills of is the Dauphine, the green Pays Viennois, along the beautiful river Rhône, and the limestone mountains of the Chartreuse.

Also famous for the up to 4 kilometers high mountains in is the Parc National des Écrins.

Nowhere else, will you see so much variety in the landscape, with so many opportunities for a very nice summer holiday.

The Isère is popular, especially in the winter months, with more than thirty beautiful ski resorts, such as the ski resort on the famous Alpe d'Huez, and in summer the region offers countless possibilities, including 5,000 kilometers of hiking trails, more than 2,100 kilometers rivers and 100 lakes.

Incidentally, the Tour de France regularly visits the region, with arrivals and passages in in the high mountains. Arrivals on the Alpe d'Huez, are always a spectacle.

And of course you can find numerous sights and attractions, in a region that is rich in history.

Holiday regions

Alpe d'Huez Alpe d'Huez Villard de Lans Villard de Lans
Chamrousse Chamrousse

An el dorado for watersports

Wild water raften en kanovaren.
The region is also known for the extensive opportunities for rafting and canoeing, on some very beautiful and challenging rivers.

Especially the river Isère is very appealing, such as the slalom course in Bourg.

Culture and history

A region with a rich history.
The region has an illustrious history, what you can still see at the many castles, and the very beautiful and impressive museums.