Lungau Sightseeing

Lungau Summer Vacation


Wasserweg Leisnitz.

The Leisnitz was in former times already known as a very dangerous wild river.

Schloss Moosham

Castle Moosham is a cultural attraction, that by the castle Museum has a worldwide reputation.

In the 17th century the Lungau court was established in the castle, and the fate of many witches and wizards was decided here.

Burg Finstergrün

May I introduce myself ? Finsterling is my name.

I haunt since hundreds of years around the castle Finstergrün, and I really like my castle.

But for me it is just a bit big. Therefore, I like to invite guests, the more the better. Maybe you're the next guest?

Naturpark Riedingtal

The nature park covers 3600 hectares and is characterized by the harmonious combination of largely intact nature in connection with a culture landscape that is close to nature.

Burg Mauterndorf

The from the 13th century toll-castle, temporarily summer residence of the prince bishops of Salzburg, is situated on a rock in Mauterndorf.

At Castle Mauterndorf awaits you a journey in the late medieval.

Learn to know the Lord of the Castle, Archbishop Leonhard Keutschach and his court personally.