Nesselwang Summer Vacation
Nesselwang: 867 meters

Vacation in Nesselwang

Nesselwang is a fun destination.
Nesselwang is a village that already 550 years ago was a market, and of historical interest.

A fun destination in the beautiful Allgäu mountain landscape, with numerous attractions and events.

Mountain Sports
The region around the village houses a number of very nice hiking trails, and trails for mountain bikers.

Water Sports
Het Alpspitz-Bade-Center biedt bezoekers een fascinerend waterlandschap, op een oppervlakte van meer dan 600 vierkante meter.

For young and old a pool where everyone can enjoy a lot of fun, and of course in summer and winter for cooling down.

Incidentally, there are also other water sports around the village, for example in the Grüntensee.

With the Alpspitzbahn in the summer you, you get get easy on the Alpspitze and the Edelberg, where you can enjoy nature and the view.

Tourist information office

Hauptstraße 20 87484 Nesselwang
Telephone: +49 (0)836 923040

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