St Peter

St. Peter am Kammersberg - Schöder Summer Vacation 800 - 1.600 meters

Vacation in St. Peter am Kammersberg - Schöder

St. Peter am Kammersberg lies at the Styrian Holzstraße..
St. Peter am Kammersberg - Schöder is a healthy holiday region with plenty of nature, and lies at the Styrian Holzstraße.

Hospitality and culinary delights adorn the region, which is very popular with visitors.

Mountain Sports
The region around St. Peter am Kammersberg is best known as an excellent destination for hiking, cycling, and mountain biking.

Water Sports
Of course in the other villages in the Mur Valley, various water sports are offered.

Steirischer Hemma Pilgerweg.
A pilgrimage road that begins at the Abbey Admunt, and runs along the Wölzer Tauern, Oberwölz, Murau and Gurk.

Winter Winter sports Styria

Tourist information office

Nr. 82 8843 St. Peter am Kammersberg
Telephone: +43 (0)3536 761120

Surrounding Villages
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