Almenregion Hochoetz

Almenregion Hochoetz

Hikingarea Almenregion Hochoetz

Hiking in Almenregion Hochoetz, and enjoy nature and the view.
8 Minutes, takes the cable car you to bring. from the cozy holiday village Oetz, to the beautiful hiking area Almenregion Hochoetz

And on the top, you get into one of the most beautiful areas of pastures, we have encountered. traveling through the Alps But off course we are obviously prejudiced, out of our window, we look directly at Hochoetz.

Hiking and Mountain Biking Paradise

Almenregion Hochoetz is a hiking paradise.

It starts immediately when you get off the cable car, where you have to make a choice which way to go. Left to the Balbach Alm or right, down towards Oetz, or right, up to the Bielefelder Hütte.

Which way you choose, you can go further in multiple directions, you can enjoy nature and the beautiful views everywhere.

From the Bielefelder Hütte, you can continue up the mountain peaks, for example on the narrow paths to the Wetterkreuzkogel, Kleines Windegg, Großes Windegg or the imposing Acherkogel, the 3008 high mountain, part of the Stubai Alps.

On among other the Acherkogel, there are also several opportunities for climbing.

From the mountain station of the cable car, you can also walk down, and also go mountain biking, direction Almwirtschaft Acherberg at 1,888 meters, and further to Berggasthof Schönblick, and ultimately towards Oetz or Oetzerau.

The most popular route from the mountain station of the Acherkogelbahn, is the relatively short route to the Balbach Alm.

From the Balbach Alm, here also is a mountain hut, you can choose different routes.

Back to the mountain station of the Acherkogelbahn, over the mountain to the Bielefelder Hütte, or down. direction Ochsengarten

Whichever route you choose, one thing you should consider ... The view is breathtaking everywhere.


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Bielerfelder Hütte Panorama Wanderwege Aussicht

Almen Bergen Blickrichtung Imst Almenregion

Bergkühe Balbachalm Bielerfelder Hütte Almenregion Hochoetz

Wetterkreuz Bergbahnen Oetz Bielerfelder Hütte Weg nach Oetz

Balbachalm Pferde Kühtailer Alm Richtung Balbachalm

Mountain huts

Almenregion Hochoetz is not only an area high in the mountains, where you can hike. It can also be very cozy in one of the mountain huts, where you excellent can eat.

Bielefelder Hütte
This accommodation of the German Alpine Association, Section Bielefeld, has two terraces on both sides of the building.

The Hut, although you can hardly speak of a Hut, is about 80 meters altitude above the mountain station of the Acherkogelbahn.

Perfect to take a break, or to come here especially, to enjoy the delicious food.

Balbach Alm
Although we normally give no preference for certain restaurants, we warmly recommend the Balbach Alm to anyone going on vacation in the Oetz valley.

The Balbach Alm can be reached after a walk of about 45 minutes from the mountain station of the cable car, and makes your visit to Almenregion Hochoetz complete.

The Hut has a lovely terrace with a beautiful view, and the food is of exceptional quality, and is usually typical Tyrolean food.

From the Balbach Alm you can continue walking towards Ochengarten, along narrow paths, or back towards the mountain station.

Kühtaile Alm
The Kühtaile Alm is located about halfway up the walk from the mountain station to the Balbach Alm.

The Alm is famous for its coziness, mainly on the terrace, and offers, among other, possibilities to walk on a gravel road towards the valley.

Almwirtschaft Acherberg
If you, coming from the mountain station of the Acherkogelbahn, immediately go right down the gravel road, you pass Almwirtschaft Acherberg .

It's often quieter than at the Bielefelder Hütte, the Kühtaile Alm or the Balbach Alm, but this is the route down towards Oetz and Berggasthof Schönblick.

Berggasthof Schönblick
Berggasthof Schönblick is much lower than the other huts, and in winter the place to take a break when you're skiing down to the lowest point of ski Hochietz
You can from the mountain station walk down, along Almwirtschaft Acherberg and Berggasthof Schönblick direction Oetz, possibly on the road, which is pretty quiet, or direction Oetzerau, which is a very nice trail.

Hiking map and Summer Panorama



Directly at the mountain station, are two options to start, if you want to paraglide or Sail Flies.

Keep in mind, that the thermals in this area, depending on the wind direction, is not always optimal.


In winter, this area looks very different, and the pastures are transformed into one of the better ski resorts, especially very family friendly.

Even in winter there are, in addition to opportunities for skiing and snowboarding, hiking opportunities.


In Almenregion Hochoetz, in the summer there are regularly, very nice events.

  • The Alpenrosenfest at the Balbach Alm, mid / end June.
  • Alphorntreffen, mid July.
  • Grosses Alm- & Bergfest, mid August.
  • Oktoberfest, mid September.


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