Bad Mitterndorf

Bad Mitterndorf Summer Vacation
809 - 1.700 meters

Vacation in Bad Mitterndorf

Bad Mitterndorf has hospitable inhabitants.
Bad Mitterndorf is a beautiful holiday destination, with hospitable people.

A region that has a lot of mountain sports and activities to offer, in a landscape that is unique, filled with wonderful natural monuments.

Mountain Sports
Around the village is a landscape that can offer many opportunities for various mountain sports, and other outdoor recreational activities.

Water Sports
The to 26 degrees heated Alpenbad is a beautiful swimming pool with great facilities, beautiful views, and with special attention to children.

The local history museum.
The local history museum shows various historical treasures, from weapons to valuable costumes and masks from the famous Nikolospiel.

Tourist information office

Nr. 59 8983 Bad Mitterndorf
Telephone: +43 (0)3623 2444

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