General Terms of Use

Scope and validity

For the standing relationship between (Tirol Info) and the customer / user exclusively is subject to the following Terms and Conditions.


Newsletter mailings from (Tirol Info) are carried out only by the consent of the person concerned. The consent is made in particular requests (request for information region, town, ski resort and accommodation), competitions, etc.

A unsubscribe is at any time possible under, and in each newsletter sent. With the consent (Tirol Info) obtained the right to send information to the subscriber.

Company presentation

The duration of the contract amounts to 3 months / 1 Year from registration. Starting date is the date the Company presentation is available on the Internetsites of (Tirol Info).

The notice period for Company presentations is 1 month. The Company presentation in the case of termination will remain online until the end of the contract, and is then removed from the Internetsite(s) of (Tirol Info). There is no pro-rata reimbursement. Cancellations must be done in writing and sent by post. Termination via email will not be considered a written notice.

Contract duration
Contracts for Company presentations are concluded for a period of 3 months / 1 Year. If no Notice is send to (Tirol Info) within the Notice period, then the contract is extended by 3 more months / 1 more year each.

Presentation and facility fees
There are no start up costs for Company presentations on the site (s) of (Tirol Info). The cost for company presentations are charged once per 3 months / 1 Year, and musst be paid in full within 10 days of receipt and invoice without any deduction of fees. In the absence of payment, € 5.00 or € 10.00 handling costs will be charged. (Tirol Info) is entitled to delete the company presentation from the site (s) of (Tirol Info) if Payment is overdue. In this case, the payment obligation does not expire. If the invoice is paid on a later date, the company presentation is posted online again for the remainder of the contract. All prices are without VAT.

Prices, taxes and fees

All prices are in Euro (€) excluding VAT. If your business is located outside of Austria, under certain conditions of the European Union prices can be calculated excluding VAT. All prices, costs and taxes are calculated on the basis of the applicable law situation in Austria.

Privacy and Copyright

The contents of the website (s) of (Tirol Info) are protected by copyright. Unauthorized use or reproduction is criminal and civil prosecution will be made. All callable data, images and information is for informational purposes only and may not, without the written permission of (Tirol Info) and partners (eg, tourism associations and affiliated landlords of houses) be copied, not in whole or in part. Any copy or partial reuse on third-party Web sites, magazines and likewise mediums will result in a claim. The use of text, images and data may be made only after consultation with (Tirol Info) and a written confirmation of this agreement send by (Tirol Info).


Content and data of the website (s) by (Tirol Info) are being supplied by partners of (Tirol Info), such as tourism boards, Ski Resorts, rental accommodation, hotels, etc.). (Tirol Info) assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the carriers included on our website (s) data. (Tirol Info) is safeguarded and freed for any data received from our partners and for any complaint, for whatever legal reason. (Tirol Info) can not guarantee completeness and accuracy of all data and will assume no liability. The liability for slight negligence is excluded. This applies particularly to data such as weather, snow statistics, etc. The compensation of consequential damage and financial loss, not achieved savings, interest, losses and damages resulting from third party claims against the contractor is excluded in any case.

Contentpartners and Bookingengines (Tirol Info) disclaims any liability from lawsuits, damages, compensation, etc., which results from integrated Partners (or external data delivered by Partners). The victim may apply only to the respective partner. (Tirol Info) is entitled to pass the addresses / contacts of the partner directly to the claimant. In any case, the General Terms of Use of the respective Partner are used and are in order.

Tours and excursions
I. (Tirol Info) as an Internet platform (hosting and content provider) assumes no liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness, completeness and lawfulness of tours (hiking, mountaineering, mountain biking, snowshoeing, etc.) stated on its Site(s) . It is for (Tirol Info) not possible due to the large number of illustrated tours, to check every single tour.

The authors of hiking, mountaineering, water sports, excursions, mountain bike trails, mountain bike tours, etc insure that they have described it to the best of their knowledge and belief and that they are legally permitted and free of any rights of third parties. The authors and staff of (Tirol Info) assume no liability or responsibility for the accuracy of the information, because the situation on the ground by natural events, road blocks etc. may have changed. Any local rules, e.g. A ban on mountain bikes, among other things should be followed, therefore. Anyone who performs any of the routes described, is therefore responsible for route selection, hazard assessment, particularly in alpine regions, the assessment of individual performance, orientation, etc.. Any liability for any damage whatsoever arising from the use of content of the Site(s) of (Tirol Info) is therefore by (Tirol Info) as well as authors and employees of (Tirol Info) excluded.

III. (Tirol Info) reserves the right to change the sites and available data, or delete them.

Images and data
By sending photos and images (eg pictures of Tours, Panoramic Maps, Ski plans, etc.) to (Tirol Info), you acknowledge that you have unlimited rights to the send material. All rights for all images and data that are sent to (Tirol Info), go straight into the possession of (Tirol Info). (Tirolnfo) also urges you not to send confidential or copyrighted material to us. Such material is not tolerated and promptly removed. Please note that any information or material which reaches us in this way is not considered to be confidential or protected. If you send us any information or material, you grant us an unrestricted, irrevocable license to use them, reproduce, display, perform, modify, transmit and distribute the material. All stories, comments, suggestions, ideas, graphics or other information which is sent to (Tirol info), will automatically become the property of (Tirol Info). We reserve the right to use this material for our pleasure, this includes reproduction, publication, dissemination on these pages or in any other known medium or future medium. Under no circumstance, you are entitled to receive payments if we use your submission for commercial purposes. (Tirol Info) assumes no liability in the event of unauthorized use or disclosure of such material, unauthorized grant of reproduction rights to any unauthorized third parties, and making all kinds of copies and their distribution to third parties.


To decide all disputes under this contract, including a dispute about its existence or absence, regardless of the amount in dispute only the competent court of the information processor is recognized. Jurisdiction is Sautens / Imst and Innsbruck. The information processor is free to sue the customer in another court. Austrian law applies exclusively.


If any provision of this Agreement is or becomes invalid, then the other terms of this agreement are not affected.