Zomer Vakantie Slovenia

Slovenian or Austrian?

A young country, with many possibilities.
About Slovenia, or rather the Slovenians, is often made a joke. Slovenes are Austrians who speak the wrong language.

That sounds strange, given that the country already is independent for some time, but there is a grain of truth in it.

Slovenia was part of the Austrian Empire until 1918, and was then artificially merged with other countries in the region to Yugoslavia. The Slovenians have little in common with their neighbors to the south of the country, and much more with the Austrians.

The country is indeed closer to Vienna as to Belgrade.

A holiday destination in a lovely country.
The character of the Slovenians is mainly characterized by softness, something you'll also notice during a holiday in Slovenia.

And so you can actually also describe the country.

It is a destination that is not really visited by many tourists, you can probably compare the best to the south of Austria, what landscape and holiday opportunities are concerned.

Slovenia has a lot to offer to vacationers, and is seen as one of the greenest countries in Europe.

A country where you can enjoy active outdoor sports, lots of rest, and untouched nature.

A beautiful and most varied nature.
Nature is very varied in Slovenia.

The north is characterized by mountains, where you can enjoy hiking and mountain biking.

In the east are the green lowlands, while you can find stunning caves in the south west.

The country even has a piece of coast, in the far west, where you can enjoy the sun and sea as well, as in other famous beach destinations.

Top most popular destinations Slovenia

The most popular regions and villages for the summer vacation in Slovenia are:

1. Mariborsko Pohorje Mariborsko Pohorje

A versatile country

A wide range of possibilities.
Slovenia is an increasingly popular destination, with many possibilities.

In all Regions, cities and villages in Slovenia, we describe as much information as possible, we give tips on the best sightseeing and excursions, but also walks and trails for mountain biking.

Slovenia is a holiday destination that is worth to visit in both summer and winter.

A destination that attracts more and more tourists in the summer, and skiers in winter.