Skiing Liechtenstein

Ski Liechtenstein

Ski destination for families

Winter sports in Liechtenstein is quite different from the winter sports in various other Alpine countries.

The Principality of Liechtenstein has only one ski resort, but is a destination of a high level. Unfortunately travelling to Liechtenstein for the winter sports is often offered Under Switzerland, while the principality really is independent. Possibly, you will have to search with the travel agents.

Small is beautiful, and very suitable for families with small and larger children.

This way winter sports in Liechtenstein is best described. We must also note that Malbun is the only one ski resort with 23 km of slopes.

The popular Malbun

This one ski resort is quite popular. Not for nothing, given the clear and yet appealing descents, the fairly good après ski, and other facilities.

Malbun has certainly not yet been discovered by mass tourism, and partly because of that is a top destination for young families.

Top ski resort Skiing Liechtenstein

The Top most popular destinations for winter sports are:

1. Malbun Malbun

Après Ski and party level or child-friendly?

Are you looking for ski resorts with a very high party level, then winter sports in Liechtenstein is not suitable for you. You'll have to look at major ski resorts in the neighboring countries.

However if you and your children want to enjoy clear yet challenging slopes, at a good price, then you need to look no further.

Only 1 ski resort

Not too much choice when it comes to different ski areas. However a ski resort that is very suitable for families with children.

Enjoy the peace, hospitality and white slopes during the winter in Liechtenstein!