Skiing Slovenia

Ski Slovenia

Tranquility and white slopes

Skiing in Slovenia, is winter sports in a country that for forty percent consists of mountains. This already shows how great the possibilities in this mountainous country are, to fully enjoy the good slopes and challenging descents.

It should be added that Slovenia regarding the winter sports has not really been discovered, while the ski resorts are very good, like the après ski and other facilities. In that respect, and also in terms of the prices for accommodation and ski passes, Slovenia is at the same level as another undiscovered country for winter sports, the Czech Republic. The prices are therefore generally lower than in the famous ski countries.

Several ski resorts, and Kranjska Gora

Slovenia has several ski resorts, large and small. A big advantage is that the ski resorts are increasingly easier accessible, and located just behind Austria.

In addition, the wide variety of different ski resorts, and the often ideal conditions. Blue skies, white slopes and cozy ski huts to enjoy the après ski. Moreover, the ticket prices, compared to other winter sports countries, are very favorable, and the facilities are getting better and more modern.

It is not really surprising that a winter holiday in Slovenia is becoming increasingly popular.

Like Kranjska Gora, a ski resort that is known worldwide as a popular destination for the winter sports. This is partly due to the annual ski races in this beautiful ski resort. The other destinations for winter sports are slowly becoming more popular, such as the award-winning Krvavec.

Generally speaking, the snow security is good. The ski resorts are, however, much further south, and hence close somewhat earlier. The ski resorts usually open in December, and close in late March or early April.

Top 10 winter sports Slovenia

The Top 10 most popular destinations for winter sports are:

1. Kranjska Gora Kranjska Gora
2. Vogel Vogel
3. Kobla Kobla
4. Soriška Planina Soriška planina
5. Krvavec Krvavec
6. Bovec Kanin Bovec Kanin
7. Mariborsko Pohorje Mariborsko Pohorje
8. Golte Golte
9. Cerkno Cerkno
10. Straža Bled Straža Bled

However there are differences among the large offers

The hotels, holiday homes, restaurants and other entertainment venues are good in Slovenia, partly because of the fame as a summer destination. Also for the for winter sports there are opening more and more ski huts and other facilities for après ski.

With all ski resorts we mention all known facilities, other possible winter sports, and the quality of the apres ski.

The facilities for winter sports in Slovenia are generally good, and are constantly expanding. The ski resorts have slopes for beginners and advanced, and even children can generally enjoy good skiing and snowboarding in Slovenia.

Information to make a good choice

If you do is not know where you want to spend the winter holiday within the Slovenia, then you can hopefully make a good choice on the basis of the offered information.

In any case, we wish you an amazing time, in the beautiful winter sports destination Slovenia!