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Enjoying the north of Italy

Italy as a holiday country is almost on a lonely height.

A country that has much to offer in recreational activities, diverse Travel Destinations, and several challenging areas. Moreover, it offers both a unique holiday opportunity for the summer months, but is also perfect for a winter sports.

The north of Italy,lets say the part above the Po, as it were, falls within the Alps, and is described on Alpelino.

This northern part, combines all of the rest of Italy, and is by many tourists mentioned as a unique destination for the holidays in all seasons.

A particularly large and varied area. From the Swiss border, along Lake Garda to Venice. From the Aosta Valley to Lombardy.

An excellent opportunity to enjoy the high and low mountains in the Italian Alps, the Dolomites and the Apennines, the delicious holiday regions Abruzzo, Le Marche, Piedmont, Trentino and South Tyrol, the cute Unbrië or the hiking paradise Val d 'Aosta, the typical culture of northern Italy, or the typical atmosphere of the ancient city of Rome and of course Vatican City, and of course the extensive and vast water sports such as is offered at Lake Garda.

Beloved destination

Italy itself is one of the most popular destination as a country, but the north of the country accounts for quite a large percentage.

Lake Garda is especially very popular in the summer months, where the Aostatal, Trentino and South Tyrol, especially in the winter months are very popular.

That does not mean that the areas with mountains only are attractive in the winter months to go on vacation. More and more tourists visit in the summer months the Italian mountains, where more and more challenging mountain sports are offered, combined with an almost unbeatable culture and of course the local culinary delights.

These culinary delights vary from region to region, and are just as different as fire and water. Traditional Italian cuisine is known worldwide, but the local delicacies let you really taste the characteristics of the region.

And that already shows how varied the holiday offers in Italy are.

A country, where in every season you can experience a perfect and unique holiday. With its own personality, its own atmosphere, and each region has its own and often just as popular dishes.

Top 10 summer vacation Italy

The most popular regions and villages for the summer holidays in Italy:

1. Lago di Garda Lago di Garda
2. Veneto Veneto
3. Lazise Lazise
4. Verona Verona
5. Gröden - Val Gardena Gröden - Val Gardena
6. Livigno Livigno
7. Alta Badia Alta Badia
8. Levico Terme Levico Terme
9. Merano - Meran Merano - Meran
10. Trento Trento

Search for a nice destination

Water sports, mountain sports, luxury or very child friendly?
For a vacation, you seek the region, the holiday destination that best fits your needs. Everyone has his or her own preferences.

With all Regions, cities and villages we try to give the most appropriate information, the best hiking trails, the most challenging mountain bike trails, the best opportunities for water sports, and of course only the very best hotels and holiday homes.

Italy is a wonderful country, hospitable and unique. A destination you won't regret, both in winter and in summer.