Top 10 Summer Regions Italy

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Top 10 Summer Regions

The top 10 Summer Regions is compiled based on the number of visits by region, by visitors from across Europe.

1. Kronplatz Kronplatz South Tyrol
2. Alta Badia Alta Badia South Tyrol
3. Seiser Alm Seiser Alm South Tyrol
4. Rosengarten - Latemar Rosengarten - Latemar South Tyrol
5. Meraner Land Meraner Land South Tyrol
6. Eisacktal Eisacktal South Tyrol
7. Livigno - Mottolino Fun Mountain Livigno - Mottolino Fun Mountain Lombardy
8. Südtirols Süden Südetirols Süden South Tyrol
9. Tauferer Ahrntal Tauferer Ahrntal South Tyrol
10. Vinschgau Vinschgau South Tyrol