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The imperial Roman street Via Claudia Augusta
The only imperial Roman road was built about 2000 years ago, and runs from the ancient Roman city on the Adriatic Altinum near Venice (the old ferry town Hostilglia), through the Reschenpass and the Fernpass to the Danube.

In ancient times, the street was mainly used for fast transportation of the Roman troops, and goods to and from the rich northern provinces of the Roman Empire.

Of the original route today little remains to be seen on the road a few stones and pictures in the rocks, but scientists still discovere new things around the Via Claudia Augusta.

Walking and Cycling Paradise

The Via Claudia Augusta has been in the last years increasingly restored, and large parts are cycleable or walkable. The road begins near the german Donauwörth and runs along the original route of the ancient Roman road south towards Augsburg.

Along Landsberg the Via Claudia Augusta reaches Füssen, a village well worth a visit.

Through the mountaind the route runs along Reutte in Tyrol towards the Fernpass. Through the picturesque mountain landscape the route then reaches Imst, Landeck eand runs through the Tiroler Oberland along Prutz, by Ried and Tösens with the Römerbrucke (one of the remaining bridges of the trading times of the Via Claudia Augusta), Pfunds and Nauders. Here the route reaches its highest point on the Reschenpass, where you can ski in the winter.

The route continues along its path along the Reschensee and the Adige, and through Laas to the beautiful city Merano.

By the Etschtal, including the culturecity Bolzano, the route reaches Trento with a remarkable center. After Trento, the route has two variations.

Variation 1 runs to Ostiglia, the port at the river Po. Variation 2 runs to the west and reaches Feltre, an important city in Roman times. The route then continues on along Treviso to Venice.


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Via Claudia Augusta Via Claudia Augusta Via Claudia Augusta Via Claudia Augusta Via Claudia Augusta