Imst Summer Vacation 830 meters

Vacation in Imst

Imst is a quiet town.
Imst lies beautiful in a natural bowl between the surrounding mountains, and is very central to the region of Landeck and the Ötztal.

A quiet town that has much to offer for your holiday. Not only in terms of skiing and mountaineering, but also in shopping and culture.

This culture, you may experience with the Imster Schemenlaufen, a carnival tradition, and one of the most impressive in the Alps.

Mountain Sports
The region around Imst is a lovely area if you like mountain sports.

Numerous hiking trails (around 50), including some long distance routes, several mountain bike routes, and many opportunities for climbing, rafting or paragliding.

Water Sports
The Inn in this part of Tyrol is still fairly wild, and thus a good river for rafting or canoeing.

The other creeks and rivers in the region, such as the Ache in the Ötztal offer more rafting and canoeing.

Moreover, you can enjoy the pool in the city, with good facilities, and there are plans to build a big indoor pool.

The Alpine Coaster.
Worth seeing are the Alpine Coaster, the center of the town, with shops, the large and modern shopping center FMZ, and if you really want to experience what is impressive, a rafting tour through the Imster schlucht is definitely recommended.

Tourist information office

Johannesplatz 4 6460 Imst
Telephone: +43 (0)5412 69100

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