Austria Summer Vacation

An absolute top destination

Austria is a real top destination in the Alps.

Austria is one of the most popular destinations in both summer and winter, where each year countless tourists are smiling. And rightly called by many tourists, this country is a unique experience.

A paradise, and not only for nature lovers and lovers of the beautiful mountains.

Because the holiday destination Austria has much more to offer than mountains, nature and mountaineering.

For example, hospitable and Culinary Delights of a high level. Something that many tourists, take for granted, until a visit to Austria, where it turns out that here it is still better, and much nicer.

And what of the beautiful lakes such as the Lake District near Salzburg, the lakes in Carinthia, Lake Constance and the many lakes that Tyrol has to offer as the Piburger See, the Achensee and the Walchsee. Sometimes it seems around the lakes like you're on the Mediterranean. Deliciously warm, abundant sunshine, nice splashing in the water, and further the cosmopolitan character.

But perhaps the popularity comes from the big hospitality and willingness to give visitors the time of their lives.

Therein namely Austrians are the absolute world champions. The hospitality is renowned all over the world, and there are even people that specifically travel here because of this, to spend the holidays.

The great popularity is not so strange, especially since the Austrians like to read every need of your lips, where no desire is to weird, and no request is impossible to achieve, and therefore offer you the first holiday, in which there was nothing to wish for left.

A versatile holiday country

Austria is also one of the most versatile holiday destinations, with each region and each village still having its own character, and of course the most beautiful places. Thousands of small paradises. The one more attractive for mountaineers, the other more for water sports. The one area a true destination for seniors, the other more a destination for families with small children.

This versatility can already be seen at the top 10 most popular destinations in Austria. And so each region has its fans and regulars.

Because regular guest you will soon become. The first time you come to see how this holiday country is, the second time would you like to return and then you notice after a few years you have become a regular guest in one of the many villages and everyone knows you, like every year you travel home for a few weeks on vacation.

Austria is in any case, a holiday destination that has a lot to offer.

Fun attractions and historic cities and towns, a nature that in no other country is so varied, mountains and winter sports, rivers such as the Danube, and many lakes, such as Lake Achen or Lake Ossiach.

And culture, that in every region, in every valley, in every village, is yet again different.

But for whatever reason you want to spend your holidays in this beautiful country, you will find it, and you'll experience one of the best vacations ever.

The typical food

Culinary delights, or typical local cuisine.
Besides all this beauty, that typical culture, and all the historical treasures, Austria has something unique to offer, the kitchen.

Varied, from outstanding culinary experiences, to the typical local cuisine, which sometimes is known far beyond the country's borders, and which have made some regions world famous.

Examples are the Wiener Schnitzel and the delicious dessert Kaiserschmarren. A kind of broken pancakes with plum compote, which according to tradition was specially made for Emperor Franz Joseph during a hunt.

Thus the name, and arguably the favorite dessert of Empress Elisabeth, known as Sissi.

Top 10 most popular destinations Austria

The most popular regions and villages for the summer vacation in Austria are:

1. Achensee Achensee
2. Ischgl Ischgl
3. Millstäter See Millstäter See
4. Villach Faaker See Ossiacher See Villach Faaker See Ossiacher See
5. Wörthersee Wörthersee
6. Salzburger Seenland Salzburger Seenland
7. Sölden Sölden
8. Fuschlsee Fuschlsee
9. Bodensee Vorarlberg Bodensee Vorarlberg
10. Nationalpark Hohe Tauern Nationalpark Hohe Tauern


Photos Copyright "Werbeagentur Hengstmengel / © Wilhelmus Hengstmengel.

Habichen Wasserfall Oetztaler Ache Oetztal

Oetztal Piburger See Panorama Valsertal

Valsertal Ötzi Dorf Bergen Piburger See

Stuiben Wasserfall Brücke Haloween Kirche

Blumen Sautens Oetz Weinkeller

A very wide choice

Nowhere else there is so much to choose from.
It just depends on what is important to you in a destination. After all, everyone is looking for something different during his or her vacation.

In all Regions, cities and villages in Austria we try to gather information, we recommend interesting sights, and give we give you tips on the best hiking and biking trails. Moreover, we select in exceptional cases a landmark, or a recreational park, as Alpelino Top Tip.

A fantastic holiday destination, where most regions have a special heart for children. A holiday which you will certainly not regret, whether you're skiing or travel during the summer holidays to this great holiday destination.