Lower Austria

Lower Austria Summer Vacation

Summer Vacation in Lower Austria

Lower Austria blooms in the spring and in the summer.
Lower Austria is an exciting holiday destination that has a lot to offer for anyone who wants to spend the summer vacation in a region that provides a soothing landscape, in addition to attractions and lots of fun events.

It is one of the larger states of Austria, but yet Lower Austria is not a destination that attracts many tourists in the summer months. Anyone who has ever spent a holiday here wonders why not many tourists visit this area.

Lower Austria is situated in the sometimes rugged Alps, and is a region where life is as was previously normal. A welcoming destination, especially child and family friendly, where anyone can spend a wonderful time and enjoyment is the most important thing.

Lower Austria has some top holiday regions within its borders, as the Mostviertel, the Waldviertel and the famous Austrian wine region Weinviertel, where you can fully relax in the summer months, with a glass of local red or white wine.

Holiday regions

Bucklige Welt Wiener Alpen Bucklige Welt Wiener Alpen Semmering-Rax-Schneeberg Semmering-Rax-Schneeberg
Donau Niederösterreich Donau Niederösterreich St. Pölten St. Pölten
Kamptal Manhartsberg Kamptal Manhartsberg Thayatal Thayatal
Land um Laa Land um Laa Traisental - Donauland Traisental - Donauland
March-Thaya-Auen March-Thaya-Auena Tullner Donaurau Tullner Donaurau
Mariazeller Land - Niederösterreich Mariazeller Land - Niederösterreich Wachau-Nibelungengau-Kremstal Wachau-Nibelungengau-Kremstal
Moststrasse Moststrasse Waldviertel Waldviertel
Mostviertel Mostviertel Wechselland Wechselland
Pielachtal Pielachtal Weinviertel Weinviertel
Region Wagram Wenen Wenen
Retzer Land Retzer Land Wiener Alpen Wiener Alpen
Römerland Carnuntum Römerland Carnuntum Wienerwald Wienerwald
Schmidatal Schmidatal Ysper Weitental Ysper Weitental
Schneebergland Schneebergland

Being active Outside

The Iron man, and plenty of active outdoor sports.
Lower Austria is a region, where sport is very important.So regular big competitions in various outdoor sports take place here, such as the Iron Man Kickoff weekend, which is traditionally organized at the beginning of spring, and about 1 month for the Austria Ironman.

Would you prefer active outdoor sports, you'll find enormous potential in this region. Obviously if you want to go hiking or mountain hiking, but also if you want to enjoy the beautiful landscape and the sometimes challenging routes that are plotted on the bike or mountain bike.

Obviously other mountain sports are offered, ranging from rafting to paragliding. Also for golfers, there are ample opportunities on a number of very beautiful greens.

Lakes and other water sports

Swimming Fun in the wider country, and for every whole to your liking.
Various outdoor and indoor swimming pools can be found in the whole of Lower Austria. If you are looking for a natural swimming pool, pond or lake, looking for or an adventure pool, or a thermal bath, here are many opportunities.

Unique are the river pools. Pools that lie directly against one of the many rivers, and where the opportunities to swim are very special, in the river. And often with a varied entertainment program. Swimming here is a special natural experience.

The best tips and Attractions

A rich history and culture and special traditions.
Lower Austria is a holiday destination where you will never experience a dull moment. So many attractions and sights the region has to offer. Enough for several holidays, without twice. seeing the same thing

Such as the adventure parks and nature parks Amethyst Welt Maissau, EIBL Jet, Erlebnis-Welt Mendlingtal "Auf dem Holzweg", Fossilienwelt Weinviertel, LOISIUM Weinerlebniswelt and Donau-Auen National Park, the last remaining auen landscape in Central Europe.

But also in the field of art, history and culture, there is much to experience. For example, in the museums Museumsdorf Niedersulz and Landesmuseum Niederösterreich. But also the beautiful palaces, castles and monasteries that the region has to offer, are a wonderful trip.

Tourist Information

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