Pielachtal Summer Vacation 280 - 1.195 meters

Vacation in the Pielachtal

Pielachtal is the Valley of the Dirndln.
The Pielachtal is known as the Valley of the Dirndln.

The beautiful red Dirndln, the red cherry, is the symbol for the natural wealth in a cultural landscape where the Pielachtaler are very proud off.

The valley begins south of St. Pölten and runs along the gentle hills to the Mostviertler Alps around the naturepark Ötscher-Tormäuer.

The River Pielach, is well known as one of the most natural rivers throughout Austria.

Villages Region

Frankenfels Frankenfels Puchenstuben Puchenstuben
Hofstetten - Grünau Hofstetten - Grünau Rabenstein an der Pielach Rabenstein an der Pielach
Kirchberg an der Pielach Kirchberg an der Pielach Schwarzenbach an der Pielach Schwarzenbach an der Pielach
Loich Loich Weinburg Weinburg
Ober-Grafendorf Ober-Grafendorf

Mountain Sports
A beautiful landscape, which you can discover as a hiker and on a mountain bike.

Not only on the short walks, but also the long hiking trails like the Pielachtaler Rundwanderweg Nr. 652.

The Sage Road and the various wildlife and nature trails will bring you closer to the beautiful nature.

Water Sports
A region that also offers ample opportunities for numerous water sports.

For example the Ebersdorfer See with a beachpool and a jungle trail, in the riverpool Weinburg and Aquarella in Hofstetten-Grünau.

The Nixcave.
Approximately 1 kilometer outside Frankenfels you will find one of the most beautiful nature experiences in Austria, the Nixcave. A natural monument and one of the biggest attractions.

Winter Winter sport Lower Austria

Tourist information office

Schloßstraße 1 3204 Kirchberg an der Pielach
Telephone: +43 (0)2722 730925
Email: tourismus@pielachtal.info
Internet: http://www.pielachtal.info