Liechtenstein Summer Vacation Liechtenstein: 450 - 2.600 meters

Vacation in Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein is one of the smallest countries in the world.
The Principality of Liechtenstein, a small country in the Rhine Valley, has much to offer for a unique and varied summer vacation.

A country with a quirky character that is welcoming, and has a unique landscape to offer, with many activities for young and old.

Liechtenstein has historical sites, an internationally acclaimed art collection, an excellent cuisine with typical local delicacies and specialties, all in a space so small that it is almost unimaginable.

The fertile Rhine Valley, and the excessing high Alpine landscape, both in the white winter and green and hot summer, an ideal holiday destination for everyone. For families, sports enthusiasts, art lovers and connoisseurs.

The Principality is the perfect place to explore. Discover how you can leave the hectic life behind you and completely unwind.

Villages Region

Ski Resorts Region

Balzers Balzers Malbun Malbun
Eschen-Nendeln Eschen-Nendeln
Gamprin-Bendern Gamprin-Bendern
Malbun Malbun
Mauren-Schaanwald Mauren-Schaanwald
Planken Planken
Ruggell Ruggell
Schaan Schaan
Schellenberg Schellenberg
Triesen Triesen
Triesenberg Triesenberg
Vaduz Vaduz

Mountain Sports
Here you can experience the idyllic mountain world in a way, as you've probably never experienced the mountains. Beautiful short or long hikes, whereby you can recover from the effort in one of the huts in the evening.

As the four-day tour of the border area, where you can enjoy impressive views of the Rätikon mountain range.

Or enjoy the beautiful scenery on easy or less easy trails for mountain bikers, or during any of the other active outdoor sports offered.

Water Sports
Swimming and other water sports, are possible among others in the swimming pool Schwimmbad Mühleholz, and in the indoor pools in the different villages, while sports like rafting and cannyoning are also possible.

The dog on Santamerta.
The Liechtenstein Sagas, mainly resulting from a long tradition of constantly telling these stories to the next generation. Some Sagas even go back to the time of the witch burnings.

Known Sagas are "Der Lochgass-Mold", to which the Schimmelgasse in Vaduz is named, "Die drei Schwestern", probably the most famous Sage, and "Der Hund auf Santamerta". Santamerta is the local name for the very beautiful chapel St. Mamerta in Triesen.

Winter Winter Liechtenstein
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Tourist information office

Aeulestrasse 30 9490 Vaduz
Telephone: +423 (0)239 6363

Liechtenstein is a still undiscovered paradise, where you can really enjoy everything that makes a holiday fun, relaxing, and impressive.