Ruggell Summer Vacation Ruggell: 433 meters

Vacation in Ruggell

Ruggell is the only village that was built in a valley.
Ruggell is the northernmost and lowest-lying municipality in Liechtenstein, and also the only village that is not on a slope, but in the valley.

By the valley location, the nature around the village is unlike in the other villages, with many leisure activities.

Mountain Sports
Because the village is situated in the valley, there are more possibilities for hikers and mountain bikers, who do not want to be active directly on the slopes and mountains, but more on easy routes through the valley.

Water Sports
Liechtenstein is not really big, partly because of this the water sports facilities are somewhat limited to a few pools in the surrounding villages.

The nature reserve Ruggeller Riet.
The Ruggeller Riet is a protected nature reserve since 1978, and is of high cultural and historical value. It is a varied nature, known internationally, with special plants and animals.

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