Skiing Germany

Ski Germany

The ski resort destination close to home

Germany is the ski destination close to home, ranging from gentle slopes at Winterberg and the Black Forest, to challenging and more famous ski resorts in the Bavarian Alps.

An experience that many skiers already know, and in many cases is often repeated.

Typical are the German hospitality, good infrastructure and the often very child-friendly ski resorts.

Of course there is much difference in snow security. The farther west, the less snow, although in recent years not always true.

But also remember the specific traffic regulations, in the winter months, as in many other countries other winter sports. It is obliged with winter conditions to have winter equipment in the car, such as winter tires and snow chains in certain circumstances. And it is no doubt recommended, that before you travel to the snow, to have winter tires on the car. This prevents problems, fines and the trip is a lot more pleasant.

A versatile offer for a winter holiday

The popular destinations of course depend on the preference of the person.

Winterberg is for example very easy to reach from all over Europe, and therefore attracts many visitors for shorter periods, while the larger ski resorts in southern Germany more a destination are for a real skiing holiday.

The snow security is an important factor. The rule is quite simple. Above 700 meters you have good chance of snow between December and March, while the ski resorts below the 700 meters, are far less certain. If you want to really enjoy a snowy ski holiday in Germany, it may be advisable to look at the larger ski areas in southern Germany, in the Alps.

The large offer has a big advantage here, especially since the journey to Germany of course is short. So you can easily travel here for a midweek or weekend, and just enjoy the great winter sports opportunities that this beautiful country has to offer.

Top 10 Most Winter Sports Germany

The Top 10 most popular destinations for winter sports are:

1. Inzell Inzell
2. Garmisch Partenkirchen Garmisch Partenkirchen
3. Willingen Willingen
4. Winterberg Winterberg
5. Oberstdorf Oberstdorf
6. Lenggries Lenggries
7. Aschau im Chiemgau Aschau im Chiemgau
8. Bayrischzell Sudelfeld - Bayrischzell
9. Reit im Winkl Reit im Winkl
10. Bottrop Alpincenter Bottrop

Find the right winter sports destination

Après Ski and party level or child-friendly?

For many skiers these are the two main criteria to find a proper winter destination, that also goes for winter sports in Germany. Generally very child- and family-friendly ski resorts. But also generally, fewer possibilities for après ski than in countries like Austria or Switzerland.

For all ski resorts on Alpelino, we have included the most important criteria, so you can make a good choice.

Good information, the best skiing holiday

Winter sports in Germany is more than just skiing or snowboarding. A good example is usually the Olympics, where German athletes excel in many winter sports, but especially in the cross-country sports.

Germany is a real cross country destination, with very good opportunities for this . As a result, many areas for alpine sports facilities are often less than the cross-country sports.

So enjoy the skiing in beautiful Germany