Ski Schwäbische Alb

Excellent conditions

High mountains, steep slopes.
The Swabian Alb, with high mountains and steep slopes, offers excellent conditions for skiing and snowboarding. The region has much ski runs to offer.

The ski resorts in this part of Germany, provide opportunities for advanced skiers, but are often very family friendly, with lots of slopes for beginners and children.

However, the region is also known for the high plains, and therefore a great destination if you want to go cross country skiing.

Top ski resorts - Winter sports Schwäbische Alb

Aalen - Hirtenteich Aalen - Hirtenteich Laichingen Laichingen
Albstadt - Lautlingen Albstadt - Lautlingen Münsingen - Dottingen Münsingen - Dottingen
Albstadt - Ebingen Albstadt - Ebingen Römerstein - Donnstetten Römerstein - Donnstetten
Albstadt - Tailfingen Albstadt - Tailfingen Salmendingen Salmendingen
Böhmenkirch - Treffelhausen Böhmenkirch - Treffelhausen Schopfloch - Pfulb Schopfloch - Pfulb
Engstingen Engstingen Sonnenbühl - Genkingen Sonnenbühl - Genkingen
Fridingen - Antoni Fridingen - Antoni Waldskilift Schnittlingen Waldskilift Schnittlingen
Gschwend Gschwend Wiesensteig - Bläsiberg Wiesensteig - Bläsiberg
Heidenheim - Schnaitheim / Albuch Heidenheim - Schnaitheim / Albuch Wintersport Arena Holzelfingen Wintersport Arena Holzelfingen
Hochberg in Heidenheim Hochberg in Heidenheim