Summer Germany

The popular destination

Germany is a very popular travel destination, perhaps because the country is so easily accessible, and also haS a very good infrastructure.

Moreover, all regions are easily accessible from all the surrounding countries, by car, train and airplane.

But what makes this country so popular, you might think.

And that question is very easy to answer. Germany has almost everything to offer in terms of holiday destinations. Perhaps the only thing the country doesn't have to offer, are tropical beaches surrounded by palm trees. Although we almost certainly know that people here already are working on that.

Our thesis, however, showshow versatile Germany is as a travel destination. The North Sea, the Baltic Sea, the Wadden Sea and various islands in the north, the Alps in the south. Different landscapes in the east, the Ruhr area in the west. And in between many major cities, which have a lot of culture and history offer.

Something for everyone

Whatever you're looking for, it can be found in Germany.
Each region has its own advantages and specific characteristics. At Alpelino , we describe only the part of this beautiful country, that lies in the mountains, but even then we describe the half of Germany, and the area is extremely varied, with many recreational activities for young and old.

A great versatility. Watersports on the lakes in Bavaria, culture gaining in cities, enjoy the Oktoberfest in Munich, enjoy hiking or mountain biking through the mountains in the south, such as in the Allgäu.

The versatility, the large differences between the various regions, and the different provinces with their own cultures and customs, ensure that Germany is hugely popular for summer holidays. Vacationers from different backgrounds and wishes for the summer vacation, all travel to this wonderful country, and enjoy in their own way.

And we have not even talked about the recreational opportunities that this fine holiday destination has to offer. Especially in the mountains the possibilities are vast, from water sports to real challenging mountaineering.

Watersports? Yes, for example in Bavaria there are a few very nice and large lakes, where it is very nice in the hot summers. The lakes are also in or near the Alps, so you get a unique combination of everything that makes fun during the holidays.

Moreover, the country has a high culture and a rich history, so there are a lot of attractions for young and old.

Another advantage of this popularity is the wide range of campsites, hotels, cottages and inns.

Very different, but without doubt almost always with good facilities and a high standard. Where quality and facilities of course depend on the amount you want to spend on a holiday and the accommodation.

Top 10 Summer holiday Germany

The most popular regions and villages for summer holidays in Germany are:

1. Chiemsee Alpenland Chiemsee Alpenland
2. Tegernsee - Schliersee Tegernsee - Schliersee
3. Winterberg Winterberg
4. Willingen Willingen
5. Titisee-Neustadt Titisee-Neustadt
6. Garmisch-Partenkirchen Garmisch-Partenkirchen
7. München München
8. Füssen Füssen
9. Lindenberg im Allgäu Lindenberg im Allgäu
10. Oberstdorf Oberstdorf im Allgäu

Well deserved Summer holidays
Everybody is looking for something else in the well-deserved summer vacation. Everyone wants to see something else, eat different food and experience other things.

We try to gather as much information as possible about the included Regions, cities and villages, so you can make an informed choice where you want to spend the summer holidays in Germany.

Germany is a beautiful country, hospitable and child-friendly, with most versatile regions in terms of tourism, but where all regions do everything to make your holiday a wonderful time.

You really enjoy a holiday, during the summer in Germany