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Summer Vacation Bavarian Forest

Summer holidays in the Bavarian Forest

Enjoyment is the key word in the Bavarian Forest.
The south of Germany is known as a holiday destination where you can spend a summer full of moments of enjoyment. Moments you later think back to, laughing, and with a smile on your face.

This is no different in the Bavarian Forest. A lovely region where life is still good, and where behind every bend in the road, you find a new opportunity to re-enjoy.

The Bavarian Forest has even elevated this to a higher level, amidst an intact nature, where you can enjoy during long walks through the lush mountain scenery.

A region with a wide variety, with everything that makes a holiday fun. A nature that is pure, and includes a woodland of more than 6,000 square kilometers, but also with an impressive national park, two nature parks and numerous attractions.

The Bavarian Forest is also eminently suitable as a holiday destination for families with children, because children are very important in the region.

Holiday regions

Arberland Arberland

Being active Outside

First-class hiking trails and plenty of possibilities for mountain bikers and cyclists.
Enjoy walking between the Steinwald, a plateau at an altitude of about 940 meters and the Plöckenstein, on the three country point between Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic.

And not just on muddy paths between farms, but on premium routes that meet all modern quality standards, in a natural environment that is unparalleled within Europe.

And of course, enormous opportunities to discover that beautiful scenery on a bike, or even more challenging on the mountain bike. Or, perhaps during gliding or hanging on a parachute.

Unique are the opportunities for horseback riding in the Bavarian Forest.

Lakes and other water sports

Enjoying water and water sports in the warm summers.
The region has numerous lakes and pools, but also some more challenging forms of water sports to offer. Very nice are the various larger and smaller lakes, such as the Arbersee and Silbersee.

The reservoir in Tiefenbach near Passau is very impressive.

The region is also ideal for canoeing and kayaking, and on the Danube you can even go water skiing.

The best tips and Attractions

A region with a rich culture and many impressive museums.
Impressive are the various castles in the Bavarian Forest, such as Burg Altnußberg near Geiersthal and Schloss Egg near Bernried. The Bavarian Forest is also a region with a rich history, and people are happy to tell you about the ancient walls, which in the whole region have many stories to tell.

The rich history you can see in various outdoor museums, and crafts museums in which the former glory is revived.

Tourist Information

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