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Summer Vacation in the Black Forest

Enjoy the beautiful middle mountains in the Black Forest.
The holiday region the Black Forest is huge, with about 11,400 square kilometers.

About half of the region consists of the middle mountain range, that gives the area, its name.

A holiday destination with different faces, and very varied opportunities for the summer holidays and for winter sports.

The holiday region is also hugely popular with travelers who want to enjoy during active outdoor sports, the beautiful scenery, the atmosphere and especially the cordiality why the inhabitants are world famous.

Holiday regions

Baiersbronn Baiersbronn

Happy on foot

Walking through one of the most beautiful scenery, that Europe has to offer.
More than 160 kilometers long and about 60 kilometers wide, forests as far as you can see, and views up to the Alps.

In between deeply carved valleys with sunny peaks and lovely villages.

In the south of the region lies the Feldberg, with 1,493 meters, the highest mountain in the mountain range.

This beautiful scenery, also immediately shows the versatility and the many recreational opportunities that are possible.

Something more beautiful, many vacationers can not imagine. They discover the varied landscape on foot, on beautiful hiking trails, or bike or mountain bike.

It is also the mild climate that is of great benefit, so you can relax during your vacation, while you really enjoy.

Other outdoor sports, the so called adrenaline sports, are offered throughout the Black Forest, from rafting to climbing, from exploring caves to gliding and paragliding.

Experience Culture.

A rich history, culture and traditions.
Even those who want to experience culture and traditions, the Black Forest is the right destination.

In the holiday region are a lot of attractions, where you can not only experience the rich history, but where you can soak up the typical culture or be able to experience the customs and traditions, that are typical for this part of Germany.

The Black Forest, is also known for its many appealing events, and the large family-friendliness.


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