Summer Vacation France

The French way of life

Enjoy the atmosphere in the French Alps.
The French Alps, the western part of the mountain range, bordering Italy and Switzerland. A lovely area, both in summer and winter months, visiting more than worthwhile.

It is also a unique part of he Alps. With its own atmosphere, its own character and unique mountains like the famous Alpe d'Huez or the even more famous Mont Blanc.

The area is characterized by the special alpine flora, clear mountain streams and dense forests, and in the summer a popular destination for anyone who wants to enjoy peace and quiet.

A holiday destination for connoisseurs.
During the summer you can enjoy in your holiday much beauty, many attractions and during many active outdoor sports, because France has a good infrastructure for hiking, cyclists and mountain bikers. But you can also enjoy the typical French culture and the delicious local food.

A real holiday destination for lovers of the French way of life.

France is a top destination and the French Alps certainly contribute to this.

The mountains are accessible by many cable cars and chair lifts, that take you to the top in the summer.
Great advantage of France, is the good accessibility by the cable cars and chair lifts.

In the summer months you can therefore easily get at high altitudes, where a new and extraordinary world opens up for you, with lots of hiking options and trails for mountain bikers, and of course other sports like mountain climbing or paragliding.

Moreover, you can rest up in the mountains with many mountain huts and restaurants, while many French ski villages in summer are open to guests, so you can stay in the mountains.

France is also in the summer very popular.
Millions of holidaymakers travel to France every year, and a large part of them stay during the summer holidays in the Alps.

Many vacationers want to be active, and hike or cycle along the many paths, or even more challenging, travel here to go climbing, rafting or canyoning.

But, it is also an excellent destination if you want to slow down, because it also offeres tremendous opportunities for water sports, for example in many small and large lakes.

Top 10 most popular destinations France

The most popular regions and villages for the summer vacation in France are:

1. Alpe d'Huez Alpe d'Huez
2. Avoriaz Avoriaz
3. Morzine Morzine
4. La Plagne La Plagne
5. Sainte Foy Sainte Foy
6. Chamonix Chamonix
7. Pau Pau
8. La Clusaz La Clusaz
9. Val d'Allos Val d'Allos
10. Metabief Metabief

Many opportunities

A wide choice of destinations.
France is a beautiful destination, with many opportunities, which can be entirely adjusted to your own wishes.

In all Regions, cities and villages in France, we try to gather as much information as possible, we recommend the best sightseeing and excursions. . and provide you many tips as possible, for the best hiking trails and trails for mountain biking.

France is a great holiday destination, not only for winter, but also to enjoy the French way of life and the unique atmosphere.

Here you can really enjoy the mountains, bread, cheese and wine, and the excessive sun.