Alpes de Haute Provence

Alpes de Haute Provence Zomervakantie

Summer Vacation in Alpes de Haute Provence

Two different landscapes.
The Alpes de Haute Provence is formed by two different landscapes, in the north the Alpine landscape, and to the south the typical Provence.

The capital of the region is Digne-le-Bains, situated right in the center of the region.

The region has no other major cities, rich in art and culture, as in the other regions in France, but instead offers a lot of beautiful nature.

Nature lovers, or vacationers who seek tranquility, therefore can spend an excellent holiday here.

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One large nature reserve.
The largest region in France, and the least populated region in France. The Alpes de Haute Provence is like a large nature reserve.

Here you can relax in the woods or on the plateaus with rocks and native plants.

An ideal region to completely unwind.