Franse Jura

Summer Vacation in the French Jura

A gently undulating countryside and many outdoor sports.
The Jura is partly located in France and partly in Switzerland, and is formed by a gently rolling landscape and mountain plateaus, up to a height of 1,717 meters.

The French Jura is known for its lakes and forests, beautiful valleys with impressive waterfalls, and the very beautiful nature.

It is a sparsely populated area, where traditions are important, such as making crafts of clocks and watches.

Holiday regions

Haut Doubs Haut Doubs

Hiking and water sports

Enjoy the hiking or water sports during the holiday.
The region is especially popular with holidaymakers who want to go hiking in the beautiful countryside, or just want to enjoy around one of the many lakes, that the region has to offer.

Also you can, and that is becoming increasingly popular, make tours on the motor, or choose to follow courses in painting.