Hautes Alpes

Hautes Alpes Summer Vacation

Summer Vacation in the Hautes Alpes

Known by the different landscapes.
The Hautes Alpes, with the capital city Gap, among others known as stage place in the Tour de France, is located in the south France, on the border with Italy.

It is a real mountain country, and is located between 400 meters and more than 4 kilometers altitude.

This beautiful landscape, with sparkling mountain streams, clear blue mountain lakes, but also a unique flora and fauna, is an ideal holiday destination if you want to enjoy tranquility, space and nature.

To protect this beautiful nature, certain portions of Hautes Alpes are nature parks, where you really can see nature. The are nature parks are original, and they try to get the animals back, which lived here.

Wolves, deer, foxes and marmots, you can see here if you are lucky. .

The climate in the Hautes Alpes is very friendly and almost Mediterranean, with a sun that shines 300 days a year.

Holiday regions

Les Orres Les Orres Montgenèvre Montgenèvre


Beautiful lakes.
The region is not only known for the mountains, but also for the extensive opportunities for water sports.

There are several smaller lakes, beautiful pools and rivers, where you can swim, raft or kayak, but without doubt the most beautiful lake is lake Serre-Ponçon, which is centered in the mountains.

The lake in summer, by the sheltered location, has a water temperature of about 23 degrees.

Active sports

From hiking to biking.
The Hautes Alpes is ideally suited as a holiday destination if you want to actively spend the holiday.

There are countless opportunities for hiking, for example in the nature parks Écrins and Queyras, where you can enjoy the stunning French countryside.

You can also go mountain biking and make tours on the bike, while also skidiven and kite surfing are possible.


Comité Départemental du Tourisme des Hautes-Alpes
avenue Maréchal Foch 13 05000 Gap
Telephone: +33 (0)492 536200
Email: info@hautes-alpes.net
Internet: http://www.hautes-alpes.net