Skiing Switzerland

Ski Switzerland

A unique Winter Sports experience

Skiing in Switzerland is unique. A combination of all that is good in the other Alpine countries, with beautiful descents on large and sometimes smaller ski areas, each with its own charm. Also a combination of the four cultures and languages that Switzerland has to offer. A combination which ensures that you will enjoy the winter the most.

Guest Friendly, well-groomed slopes, guaranteed snow, and friendly to adults and children. Only a few features for skiing in Switzerland. In addition comes naturally once more the high level of huts, restaurants and accommodations in general. Enjoy, and then again enjoy. And that is good in winter sports where you all year are looking forward to.

Quite a pity that winter sports in this beautiful country, still less attracts skiers than in countries like France or Austria. Perhaps this is bias, which should finally be put aside, because maybe Switzerland is precisely the country where you can enjoy most of the winter. A tad expensive, but lots more for your money.

Extensive slopes and high altitudes

The slopes in the mountains are often more extensive than for example in Austria, and most ski resorts are higher.

Of course there are some exceptions. The snow guarantee is just as high, and the ski resorts on the whole are somewhat higher, and thus more snow, and with excellent conditions. Of course there is a difference between the different ski areas, where you can safely say that the snow increases as you get further north, or further to the west, and again depending on the altitude of the ski area.

But perhaps the two biggest advantages of the ski resorts, and perhaps we should also clean up a prejudice here, are the extremely extensive facilities and guest- and child-friendliness.

The facilities are very extensive, so you can in many ski resorts go helicopter skiing, something you eg in Austria will not often find, the skilifts are very modern, and in almost every ski resort you'll find a snow- or fun park.

Thanks to this extensive facilities also Winter Sports Enthusiasts who like to spend the winterholiday otherwise, will get the most of the fresh snow. Added to this is also the enormous hospitality, you find anywhere, and the attention that children and youth receive. A very child-friendly country, where it is known that children often have different needs than adult skiers, and that children enjoy the winterholiday of their lives, if much is done for and with them. This naturally also has huge benefits to adults, who with confidence can go skiing or snowboarding, while their (small) children, enjoy optimal care.

And of course you can, on or besides the slopes, enjoy the culinary delights and local delicacies for which this country is so famous. These facilities are also extremely good.

The ski resorts in Switzerland open on average late November - early December and close around Easter or the end of April.

Top 10 Ski Switzerland

The Top 10 most popular destinations for winter sports are:

1. Les Quatre Vallées Les Quatre Vallées
2. Zermatt Zermatt
3. Lenzerheide Lenzerheide
4. Saas Fee Saas Fee
5. Flims Laax Falera Flims Laax Falera
6. Aletscharena Aletscharena
7. Portes du Soleil Portes du Soleil
8. Braunwald Braunwald
9. Elm Elm
10. Adelboden Adelboden

Good facilities and child friendly

A question which is for each country, each ski region and for each ski resort appropriate, and perhaps the most important question for the winter sports.

We try to indicate the facilities and conditions for winter sports in Switzerland by the resorts. So you can determine for all ski resorts whether this destination is right for your winter holiday.

Generally speaking Switzerland is a convivial country which for all the family is a real skiing experience. The ski areas are generally spacious, with many facilities and are very child friendly. Most ski resorts offer slopes for all abilities and opportunities for off-piste skiing and snowboarding and other winter sports are possible in most ski resorts.

Choose a destination

If you have not yet decided to which ski resort you want to go this winter, you can based on the information by the resorts we have included, make an informed choice.

We wish you a fantastic winter sports holiday in Switzerland!