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The Tourism Portal Alpelino is the fastest growing international Tourism Portal on the internet, and is quickly becoming the largest Mountaineering and Tourism Portal in Europe. Many thousands of visitors find Alpelino daily.

From the large range that Alpelino has, and which is growing daily, you as a customers can benefit by presenting your accommodation through Alpelino.

Accommodations presented on Alpelino gain many booking requests monthly, and many visitors to its homepages.

Your accommodation on Alpelino means an international presentation in three languages, English, German and Dutch.

This means that your accommodation is presented in the main parts of Europe, and far beyond.

Company Presentation

Hotel / Pension Small package

Presentation of your accommodation on the Detailpages of Location, Region, and Ski Resort(s) (Accommodations tab), with your contactdata.
Clear and detailed description of your accommodation on an own page.
Photo Gallery, including 8 - 10 bigger photos.
Your address, email, and phone number at the bottom of the page, so that our visitors can reach you, and may book.
We translate your texts into all languages used on our platform. For free, without additional cost. The translations are carried out in normal speaking language.
No Maintenance. We maintain your Detailpages. You can send us changes in texts, pictures and offers by email or phone, and changes are usually processed within 48 hours (except Sundays and holidays).

Hotel / Pension Large package

All that is included in the Small package.
Clear and detailed description of your accommodation on own pages, including facilities, offers and last minute offers, and an application form, which visitors can use to send questions or bookings. Directly to you.

Hotel / Pension package XXL

All that is included in the Small package and the Large package.
We translate your own web pages into Dutch.
1 time per year an advertorial on one of our other web sites, such as, We are expanding the number of possible sites continuously.
Presentation of your accommodation on our own social media on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest, six times a year. With of course a direct link to your own website.


(incl Boarding Houses from 3 ***)
Boarding houses, apartment houses, guesthouses, campsites
Small package Small package
Until 15 Beds: € 98,00
16-30 Beds: € 118,00
31+ Beds: € 198,00
Until 15 Beds: € 78,00
16-30 Beds: € 98,00
31+ Beds: € 118,00
Large package Large package
Until 15 Beds: € 147,00
16-30 Beds: € 177,00
31+ Beds: € 297,00
Until 15 Beds: € 117,00
16-30 Beds: € 147,00
31+ Beds: € 177,00
package XXL package XXL
Until 15 Beds: € 296,00
16-30 Beds: € 326,00
31+ Beds: € 446,00
Until 15 Beds: € 266,00
16-30 Beds: € 296,00
31+ Beds: € 326,00

All prices are per one year, excluding VAT, and there are no additional costs.

Prices per three months, only on request.

Order Online

The Order, and therefore the presentation of your accommodation on Alpelino, is short and simple done in just 1 simple step. You fill out the registration form. You will receive a confirmation email with the dates you entered, and we will contact you within 48 hours (except Sundays and holidays) by email or telephone for texts and pictures. For the compagny presentation we need text (in German or English - translation in the other used languages is free) and Photos.

Photos in the presentation of your accommodation are extremely important. The best pictures are pictures that generate emotions with our visitors, and thereby make the visitor decide to spend a vacation in your accommodation. We are happy to advise you on the pictures of your Accommodation.

Registration Proceed to Orderform.

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