Haut Doubs

Vacation in Haut Doubs

The Haut Doubs is an ideal vacation destination.
The Haut Doubs is a perfect destination for families with children, whether or not on a campsite, who want to enjoy a gently undulating landscape with many water sports.

The region is located in the French Jura, and offers lots of rest, activities and lots of fun.

Mountain Sports
Also a region that is ideal, if you want quiet Hiking or cycling, with only small increases.

Numerous hiking trails run through the beautiful countryside, along lakes and through forests, in a sparsely populated part of France, and therefore extremely quiet.

Water Sports
In and around the region, you can swim in many places, or enjoy water in a different way.

There are also many campsites in the region, often with a private pool or lake.

For fishermen there are very popular rivers for fly fishing.

Watch Museum.
An impressive sight is the Musée de l'Horlogerie du Haut-Doubs, with a fine collection of watches and related items.

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Tourist information office

8b, rue de la Grande Oie F- 25300 Houtaud
Telephone: +33 (0)381 465917
Internet: http://www.haut-doubs.org

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