Val d'Allos

Val d'Allos Summer Vacation Val d'Allos: 1.800 meters

Vacation in Val d'Allos

Val d'Allos is a nice holiday village.
Val d'Allos is located in the Parc National du Mercantour.

The village has a fine climate, which is a bit somewhere between the Alpine climate and the climate of the Mediterranean.

A family friendly destination, where everyone can spend a very fine Vacation.

Mountain Sports
By the high altitude, the village is an ideal destination if you want to enjoy mountain sports at high altitude.

Moreover, you can, from the village, go straight into the mountains, where good hiking trails and trails for mountain bikers are available.

Water Sports
The village has a fantastic swimming lake, with a slide, where children will have loads of fun, and various other facilities.

The pool also boasts a unique location, and offers a unique view.

Into the region.
The village is surrounded by mountains and surrounded by nature. That, outside the sports facilities and the beautiful pool,is the big attraction.

More sights and attractions can be found around the village.

Winter Winter Val d'Allos
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Tourist information office

Office de tourisme du Val d'Allos
Telephone: +33 (0)492 830281

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