Winter Erzgebirge

Snow and cosiness

The Erzgebirge region offers small and friendly ski resorts.
The winter sports in the Erzgebirge, is known for the serenity and hospitality.

Although the few ski resorts that this region has, are not overly large, for beginners and children the Erzggebirge can be a beautiful winter sports destination.

Top ski resorts - Winter sports Erzgebirge

Altenberg - Geising Altenberg - Geising Klingenthal Klingenthal
Augustburger Freizeitzentrum Augustburger Freizeitzentrum Oberwiesenthal - Fichtelberg Oberwiesenthal - Fichtelberg
Eibenstock Eibenstock Schöneck - Hohe Reuth Schöneck - Hohe Reuth
Erlbach - Kegelberg Erlbach - Kegelberg