Eschen-Nendeln Summer Vacation Eschen-Nendeln: 450 meters

Vacation in Eschen-Nendeln

Eschen-Nendeln extends to the western slope of the Dreischwestern.
Eschen-Nendeln is located on the southern slope of the Eschnerberg and extends to the western slope of the Dreischwestern.

It is a village that has some galleries to offer for lovers of culture and many varied outdoor sports.

In the cultural field the Pfundshaus is recommended.

Mountain Sports
For relaxation and leisure facilities ensure hiking trails such as the Historic Höhenweg and the Kulturelle Rundwanderweg, but also the Cycle Routes in the Riet.

Also the large sports park with family playground and various other sports, is very popular.

Water Sports
The indoor pool has a play and sunbathing area of 1,600 m², which is open during the summer months when the weather is fine. Other facilities include a springboard, table tennis and Aqua trail.

The most popular souvenirs in the world.
The ceramics workshop Schaedler is one of the oldest companies in Liechtenstein and products are among the most popular souvenirs in the world.

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