Loich Summer Vacation 449 meters

Vacation in Loich

Loich includes 9 small villages.
Loich includes 9 small villages in an area of about 24 square kilometers, about two-thirds of which is wooded.

Situated directly on the Mariazeller Bahn providing ideal conditions for a relaxing summer vacation.

Mountain Sports
A very nice area for hiking. For example, on the route Kleinholzsteigrunde, Mufflonweg or Rundwanderweg Rehgraben-Schwarzengraben.

There are also offered other mountain sports such as mountain biking.

Water Sports
Swimming and other water sports are not possible in Loich but are offered in the surrounding villages.

Recommended trips are the parish church, Fuchsien-Vronie, a garden full of Fuchsias and the local museum.

Winter Winter sports Lower Austria

Tourist information office

Schloßstraße 1 3204 Kirchberg an der Pielach
Telephone: +43 (0)2722 730925
Email: tourismus@pielachtal.info
Internet: http://www.pielachtal.info

Surrounding Villages
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