Puchenstuben Summer Vacation 871 meters

Vacation in Puchenstuben

Puchenstuben is known for its clean air.
Puchenstuben is known for its clean and good air.

A landscape so beautiful that it was named a nature park.

And where better to relax than in a wonderful nature with pure air.

Mountain Sports
The region around the village, and around the imposing Ötscher, has long been known as a great destination for outdoor sports such as hiking, cycling and mountain biking on some very nice routes.

Water Sports
In Puchenstuben is a beautiful outdoor swimming pool, while in other villages in the region, other water sports are offered.

Attractions include the Gesteinslehrpfad, about various types of stone, the historic Mariazellerbahn, and the church.

Winter Winter sports Lower Austria

Tourist information office

Schloßstraße 1 3204 Kirchberg an der Pielach
Telephone: +43 (0)2722 730925
Email: tourismus@pielachtal.info
Internet: http://www.pielachtal.info

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