Upper Austria

Upper Austria Summer Vacation

Summer Vacation in Upper Austria

A holiday full of passion in Upper Austria.
Upper Austria is the state, which is a reflective of the entire country, with the most beautiful landscapes. A paradise for every holiday, full of active sports, trips or a holiday full of relaxing and unwinding.

Especially health and wellness are very popular in Upper Austria, and are offered almost everywhere. Therefore the facilities for wellness are very good, with various spa facilities and special spa hotels and health hotels.

It shows that it is very important for the inhabitants of Upper Austria to give vacationers the perfect holiday, so you can completely relax and unwind.

But, a holiday in Upper Austria is obviously much more than just wellness. An exceptionally beautiful landscape, sometimes gently undulating, sometimes flat, sometimes up steep, full of activities, fun events, and a lot of history, culture and the extraordinary traditions.

Holiday regions

Almtal Almtal Mühlviertel Kernland Mühlviertel Kernland
Attergau Attergau Mühlviertler Sterngartl Mühlviertler Sterngartl
Bad Ischl Bad Ischl Nationalpark Region Ennstal-Kalkalpen Nationalparkregion Ennstal-Kalkalpen
Donau Oberösterreich Donau Oberösterreich Nationalpark Region Steyrtal Nationalpark Region Steyrtal
Ferienregion Attersee Ferienregion Attersee Naturpark Mühlviertel Naturpark Mühlviertel
Ferienregion Böhmerwald Ferienregion Böhmerwald Oberes Kremstal Oberes Kremstal
Ferienregion Sauwald Ferienregion Sauwald Region Gusental Region Gusental
Ferienregion Traunsee Ferienregion Traunsee Seelentium Seelentium
Hausruckviertel Hausruckviertel S'Innviertel S'Innviertel
Inneres Salzkammergut Inneres Salzkammergut Strudengau Strudengau
Mondseeland Mondseeland Pyhrn Priel Pyhrn Priel
Mühlviertel Alm Mühlviertel Alm Bad Hall Kremsmünster Tourismusregion Bad Hall Kremsmünster

Being active Outside

Beautiful cycling routes along the blue Danube.
Upper Austria is mostly known as a holiday destination for those wishing to explore the beautiful scenery on the bike and has a very extensive network of bicycle routes, all well signposted.

One of the most famous cycling routes is the Danube Cycle Path, which as the name suggests, takes place mostly along the Danube. An easy cycle route which is suitable for everyone, young and old can enjoy the beautiful panorama along the Danube, the friendly people, the ships on the river, and numerous lovely villages.

Another well-known route is the Salzkammergutradweg, which unlike the Danube Cycle Path, runs through the region itself.

A cyclist's paradise, which is not to say that there are no other outdoor sports, on the contrary. Extensive hiking trails, sports like canyoning and rafting, but there are also opportunities for mountain biking, paragliding, hot air ballooning and climbing.

Lakes and other water sports

Diving and putting the sail up.
Upper Austria is, in contrast to what many travelers think, an area with a lot of water. That is partly due to the Danube, but also by other rivers and lakes. Therefore the water sports facilities are almost unprecedented, ranging from swimming in several swimming pools to kayaking on one of the more challenging rivers.

Unique are the opportunities to bring a visit to the living room of family fish, such as the inhabitants like to call diving. This is possible in several lakes in the Salzkammergut. In the Salzkammergut are also plenty of opportunities for sailing, surfing and other water sports, you can also rent a boat at different places.

The best tips and Attractions

Culture and traditions, ancient cities and markets.
One of the nicest cities in Upper Austria, is without doubt Linz. The city, which is located next to the Danube, has a historic inner city, but also has a very modern character. A trip for each day, and you should not miss the art, music and culture, in Linz, on the so-called Kulturmeile and often in the Old Town.

Do you want some more history or culture? Then you should definitely go visit one of the many castles, monasteries or castles, which can be admired in the region. Or one of the many museums, where you can view nature, art or ancient crafts and of course how the inhabitants have lived in the past.

Tourist Information

Oberösterreich Tourismus
Freistädter Straße 119
4041 Linz
Telephone: +43 (0)732 8277100
Email: tourismus@lto.at
Internet: http://www.oberoesterreich-tourismus.at