Seelentium Summer Vacation

Vacation in het Seelentium

Seelentium is known for its gently undulating landscape.
Seelentium is an adventure in the nature, for the soul.

A region known for its gently undulating landscape, with views of the Alps, and a lot of natural beauty, such as the Ibmer Moor.

And every evening, when the sun sinks behind the Ibmer Moor, the fairies and spirits bring nature back in order.

However, the region has much more to offer, as numerous sights, and an illustrious history.

Villages Region

Eggelsberg Eggelsberg Moosdorf Moosdorf
Franking / Holzöster am See Franking / Holzöster am See Ostermiething Ostermiething
Geretsberg Geretsberg St. Georgen bei Salzburg St. Georgen bei Salzburg
Hochburg-Ach Hochburg-Ach St. Pantaleon St. Pantaleon
Lamprechtshausen Lamprechtshausen St. Radegund St. Radegund
Mattighofen Mattighofen Tarsdorf Tarsdorf

Mountain Sports
Hiking through a landscape without real big increases, but with a nature that is worth discovering.

Moreover, there are numerous trails for mountain bikers and cyclists.

Water Sports

Enjoying the tranquility that the region Seelentium has to offer, and many water sports.

The region offers a variety of opportunities for swimming, in amongst others, the Hölzöstersee, the Heratinger Ibmersee, the Leitgeringer See and the Wöhrsee.

Wallfahrtskirche Maria im Mösl.
The Pilgrimage Church of Maria im Mösl, in late Gothic style, is one of the most beautiful churches in the region.

Also worth seeing is the square in the center of Mattighofen.

Winter Winter sports Upper Austria

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