Mühlviertler Kernland

Mühlviertler Kernland Summer Vacation 800 meters

Vacation in het Mühlviertler Kernland

Het Mühlviertler Kernland is a wonderful holiday destination.
The Mühlviertler Kernland is a journey between the Danube and the Moldau.

A wonderful holiday destination with a special atmosphere, north of the capital of Upper Austria, Linz.

Nice little villages, and beautiful valleys, and a fascinating landscape for hiking and cycling.

Here you can enjoy a special holiday, in the middle of the real Austrian countryside, and a very varied holiday.

In addition to the many recreational opportunities, the region also offers many architectural styles, from Gothic to Baroque, as you can see for example in the beautiful town of Freistadt.

Villages Region

Ski Resorts Region

Freistadt Freistadt Sandl - Viehberg Sandl - Viehberg
Grünbach Grünbach
Gutau Gutau
Hagenberg im Mühlkreis Hagenberg im Mühlkreis
Hirschbach im Mühlkreis Hirschbach im Mühlkreis
Kefermarkt Kefermarkt
Lasberg Lasberg
Leopoldschlag Leopoldschlag
Neumarkt im Mühlkreis Neumarkt im Mühlkreis
Pregarten Pregarten
Rainbach im Mühlkreis Rainbach im Mühlkreis
Sandl - Viehberg Sandl - Viehberg
St. Oswald bei Freistadt St. Oswald bei Freistadt
Tragwein Tragwein
Waldburg Waldburg
Windhaag bei Freistadt Windhaag bei Freistadt

Mountain Sports
A gently undulating landscape that is ideal for hiking, cycling or mountain biking.

Characteristic of this holiday destination, are the family-friendly theme trails, with often many interesting things and facts .

But, you should definitely not miss the very beautiful bike paths, in which you probably can get to know the countryside and the culture better.

Water Sports
For Also for water sports, and that is perhaps something you would not expect, the holiday region Mühlviertler Kernland has a lot to offer.

There are eight nice lakes where you can swim, such as bathing lake Tragwein and Freiwaldteich Grünbach.

The Bauernmöbelmuseum in Hirschbach is a nice museum, where you can see, which colorful furniture were once used, mainly by local farmers.

The museum also has several other exhibits.

Winter Winter Sandl - Viehberg

Tourist information office

Waaggasse 6 4240 Freistadt
Telephone: +43 (0)942 75700
Email: kernland@oberoesterreich.at
Internet: http://www.muehlviertler-kernland.at