Kefermarkt Summer Vacation 516 meters

Vacation in Kefermarkt

Kefermarkt is visible from afar.
Kefermarkt is visible from afar, at least Schloss Weinberg, high above the village.

The village is also characterized by its many treasures and culiniare delights offered here.

Mountain Sports
The village is located in a hilly and mostly natural landscape, making it the ideal base for short or long walks through the countryside.

Water Sports
Kefermarkt has a nice outdoor swimming pool, which has many facilities to offer, and is a lovely spot on hot summer days.

The high altar.
Worth seeing are the high altar, which particularly due to the wings, schloss Weinberg, where now a training center is located, and the parish church.

Winter Winter sports Upper Austria

Tourist information office

Waaggasse 6 4240 Freistadt
Telephone: +43 (0)942 75700

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