Grünbach Summer Vacation 580 - 920 meters

Vacation in Grünbach

Grünbach lies between gentle hills.
Grünbach lies between gentle hills, and is a community which consists of nine villages.

The area around the village is characterized by a rich history, and is an ideal destination if you want to enjoy a beautiful nature.

Mountain Sports
Around the village are some really beautiful hiking trails, where you'll especially enjoy the gently undulating natural landscape, and the cute little villages.

Water Sports
The Freiwaldteich is located in Grünbach, and in addition to several facilities, has a water area of about 3,000 square meters.

St. Michael ob Rauchenödt.
The Church of St. Michael ob Rauchenödt, already existed in 1122, and had bury right, what you can see at the cemetery walls of the former cemetery.

Winter Winter sports Upper Austria

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Surrounding Villages
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