Naturpark Mühlviertel

Naturpark Mühlviertel Summer Vacation

Vacation in Naturpark Mühlviertel

Naturpark Mühlviertel is a fantastic holiday destination.
The Naturpark Mühlviertel is a fantastic holiday destination, located in a beautiful landscape.

A holiday here is mainly enjoying the special nature and the four atmospheric villages.

Villages Region

Bad Zell Bad Zell Rechberg Rechberg
St. Thomas am Blasenstein St. Thomas am Blasenstein

Mountain Sports
Around the villages are several walking trails, where you can watch its unique nature while you enjoy the warm summer.

Water Sports
The surrounding area has several types of water sports on offer, as well as some very nice pools.

Gotische Marienwallfahrtskirche.
Worth seeing in this region with a rich history and culture, are the Gothic Marienwallfahrtskirche, and the parish church in Bad Zell.

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