Nationalpark Kalkalpen Region Ennstal Summer Vacation 385 - 2.000 meters

Vacation in het Nationalpark Kalkalpen Region Ennstal

The Ferienregion Nationalpark Kalkalpen Region Ennstal is a region with numerous pastures.
The National Park Kalkalpen Region Ennstal region is perhaps one of the best and most beautiful cycling and hiking regions in Austria.

A beautiful holiday destination with great forests, clear mountain streams of clear water, juicy pastures, and a largely untouched natural landscape.

Also a region with numerous pastures, where you can rest and have something to eat or drink, and plenty of sights and events.

Villages Region

Ski Resorts Region

Gaflenz Gaflenz Forsteralm - Waidhofen Forsteralm - Waidhofen
Großraming Großraming Glasenberg Glasenberg
Laussa Laussa Hohe Dirn - Losenstein Hohe Dirn - Losenstein
Losenstein Losenstein
Maria Neustift Maria Neustift
Reichraming Reichraming
St. Ulrich bei Steyr St. Ulrich bei Steyr
Ternberg Ternberg
Weyer Weyer

Mountain Sports
A wonderful area for cycling, or hiking.

The trails are well marked, and there are hundreds of kilometers available to all parts of the region, and through the beautiful nature.

And, there are several peaks that are worthwhile to climb.

Water Sports
The holiday region also has various water sports on offer, which makes the summer more fun.

For example, the very nice swimming pool in Ternberg, or the swimming pool in Weyer.

An area which has many attractions, such as the Friedensweg at St. Ulrich, or if you need some more sporty, the Ramingtaler Arches Trail.

Winter Winter Forsteralm - Waidhofen

Tourist information office

Eisenstraße 75 4462 Reichraming
Telephone: +43 (0)7254 84140
Email: info@nationalparkregion.com
Internet: http://www.nationalparkregion.com