Rabenstein an der Pielach

Rabenstein an der Pielach Summer Vacation 344 meters

Vacation in Rabenstein an der Pielach

In Rabenstein an der Pielach you can relax.
Rabenstein an der Pielach is a wonderful holiday destination in the gentle landscape of the Pielachtal.

Here you can relax and enjoy a unique landscape.

Mountain Sports
The area around the village is a paradise for hikers and cyclists who want to enjoy the very beautiful nature.

Moreover, there are opportunities for horse riding.

Water Sports
Freibad Rabenstein, is a very nice swimming pool, and offers unique opportunities to swim in the river Pielach, and the pool offers attractive facilities such as tennis courts, playground, and boat hire.

The ancient castle.
Recommended excursions include the local museum, the ruins of the ancient castle and the parish church.

Winter Winter sports Lower Austria

Tourist information office

Schloßstraße 1 3204 Kirchberg an der Pielach
Telephone: +43 (0)2722 730925
Email: tourismus@pielachtal.info
Internet: http://www.pielachtal.info

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