Ober-Grafendorf Summer Vacation 280 meters

Vacation in Ober-Grafendorf

Ober-Grafendorf is a perfect place.
Ober-Grafendorf is the community with a wide range of recreational activities.

A perfect place for a great and quiet summer vacation between soft hills and beautiful forests.

Mountain Sports
Around the village you can walk on beautiful, marked and unmarked hiking trails, and mountain bike.

Water Sports
Ober-Grafendorf has no pool, and offers no other water sports.

This is however, possible in the surrounding villages.

Mariazeller Bahn.
pure nature!

Narrow-gauge railway runs for 85 kilometers from St. Pölten through the Alpine foothills to the famous pilgrimage Mariazell.

Winter Winter sports Lower Austria

Tourist information office

Schloßstraße 1 3204 Kirchberg an der Pielach
Telephone: +43 (0)2722 730925
Email: tourismus@pielachtal.info
Internet: http://www.pielachtal.info

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