Thayatal Summer Vacation 400 meters

Vacation in Thayatal

Thayatal is a jewel.
The Thayatal is a jewel, a jewel that connects worlds.

This valley is a strange world, a transition from soft to coarse, a myth where you can just go and see it in real life.

A valley with steep cliffs, colorful flower meadows, softriparian vegetation, pieces that evoke jungles and wet forests.

The valley is a national park. Although one of the smallest national parks in Austria, but with a wealth of species.

Many different plants and animals and mushrooms have their natural habitat here, such as the unique black stork, the otter and the emerald lizard.

Villages Region

Drosendorf Drosendorf Raabs an der Thaya Raabs an der Thaya
Geras Geras Waidhofen an der Thaya Waidhofen an der Thaya
Groß-Siegharts Groß-Siegharts

Mountain Sports
This valley invites you to enjoy the outside.

To enjoy the beautiful scenery, and of active mountain sports.

Many hiking trails, which are all equipped with proper markings, but also opportunities for cycling and mountain biking, a beautiful climbing garden, and extensive opportunities for horseback riding.

Water Sports
There are opportunities to swim in the indoor pool in Raabs, in the Thayabad Drosendorf, the forestpool Edlersee, the forestpool in Groß-Siegharts, and a little further away in the Erlebnisbad Retz and the forestpool in Hardegg.

The region offers numerous possibilities for fishing, for example in the Thaya, and other water sports can be found on and around the Thaya and the canoe hiking is presented in the region.

The watch and clock museum Karlstein.
This beautiful museum has a collection of more than 200 watches and clocks, which are generally made in small series.

Winter Winter sports Lower Austria

Tourist information office

Hauptstraße 25 3820 Raabs an der Taya
Telephone: +43 (0)02846 365 20