Semmering Rax Schneeberg

Semmering - Rax - Schneeberg Summer Vacation 483 - 1.000 meters

Vacation in Semmering - Rax - Schneeberg

Semmering - Rax - Schneeberg is a completely different world
The region Semmering - Rax - Schneeberg is a completely different world to the gates of Vienna.

A landscape that is still intact, between the mountains of the Vienna Alps, unique and versatile, in all its beauty.

An enchanting decor, where cultures and traditions still is honored, with various activities and events.

Villages Region

Ski Resorts Region

Breitenstein Breitenstein Semmering Happylift Semmering Happylift
Gloggnitz Gloggnitz Reichenau an der Rax - Raxalpe Reichenau an der Rax - Raxalpe
Katzelsdorf Katzelsdorf Zau[:ber:]g Semmering Hirschenkogel Zau[:ber:]g Semmering Hirschenkogel
Neunkirchen Neunkirchen
Payerbach Payerbach
Prigglitz Prigglitz
Raach am Hochgebirge Raach am Hochgebirge
Reichenau an der Rax Reichenau an der Rax
Schottwien-Maria Schutz Schottwien-Maria Schutz
Schwarzau im Gebirge Schwarzau im Gebirge
Ternitz Ternitz
Wartmannstetten Wartmannstetten

Mountain Sports
On foot or by mountain bike exploring the wonderful countryside, and forget the time. That's mountaineering in this beautiful region.

Water Sports
Watersports in various pools and lakes in the Vienna Alps, as in Naturbad Gloggnitz, with a 1,200 square meter large natural lake.

Bikepark Zau[:ber:]g.
Bikepark Zau [: ber:] g Semmering comprises a length of 7 km, and is suitable for every age and level of difficulty.

Winter sports Winter Semmering Hirchkogel

Tourist information office

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Telephone: +43 (0)2622 78960